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Is Chiropractic the best health care available?

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

What is the BEST form of health care today? Traditional allopathic medical care is health care directed at finding and treating end stage disease. It offers very little in the way of true wellness care. Chiropractic, and other alternative medicine specialties work to optimize body structure and function, thereby optimizing wellness. Alternative medicine by nature is more conservative and lower cost. My challenge to any insurer is to analyze the data. Take 2 subsets of 100 patients each; one that utilized chiropractic care throughout their lifetime and one that did not utilize chiropractic in their life. Find the total amount spent on all health expenditures throughout their life. My challenge is that when the data is analyzed the group that utilized chiropractic will spend less than 10% as much as the non chiropractic group! If you were a health care insurer, you might find that interesting! Possibly we should make Alternative Medicine providers gatekeepers to the health care system and save 90% of the current $3.3 trillion/year (2016 data) spent! If you could save 90% of $3.3 trillion, that might interest you, right? Makes you think, doesn't it?

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